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Thank you to everyone who joined in celebrating TDM Week in September! This year we saw events and engagement across the country! There were hundreds of posts promoting TDM made on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 


TDM strategies enhance existing transportation infrastructure to create more efficient, accessible, and effective mobility systems that move all people.


Check out the hashtag #TDMWeek to see all the posts made.

MORE Through TDM

The Mobility Options, Resiliency & Efficiency (MORE) Through TDM Act focuses on solidifying the importance and support of TDM as a key strategy for federal transportation policy. The legislation outlines the importance of TDM and establishes requirements for regions to include TDM in Long-Range Transportation Plans. The legislation would also establish new funding in the amount of $250 million/year for 5 years to support the implementation of TDM strategies.

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