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SEPTA's King of Prussia rail proposal gains entry into federal funding program

- Philadelphia Business Journal

SEPTA's plan to extend rail service to King of Prussia gained entry into a national program on Monday putting the project in line for a potential boost in federal funding.

The Federal Transportation Administration’s Capital Investment Grant program appropriates funds under its New Starts program for light, heavy, and commuter rail projects, streetcar, and bus rapid transit projects. The New Starts program provides $2.3 billion annually in federal funding to transit projects across the U.S., including extensions to existing systems like the Norristown High Speed Line.

The $2 billion rail line would connect Center City and University City to King of Prussia, a suburban hotbed for development. The proposal would add 4.4 miles to the Norristown High Speed Line.

SEPTA has said it will seek up to 50% of the project’s funding from the Federal Transit Administration's New Starts program.

SEPTA officials called the entry into the New Starts program "a critical milestone in seeking federal funding support and provides the opportunity for continued coordination" with the Federal Transportation Administration.

At the project's current state, SEPTA is evaluating program delivery options and completing 30% design of the infrastructure.

In President Biden's fiscal 2022 budget, eight transit projects across five states – Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin, Washington state and Arizona – received first-time funding. They include a mix of bus rapid transit and light rail projects.


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