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Philadelphia Traffic Ranked 8th Worst in the U.S. – CBS News

By Joe Brandt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Philadelphia's traffic was ranked eighth-worst in the United States in a new study using data from 2023.

Technology and mapping company TomTom's annual Traffic Index 2023 was released in January showing how bad traffic is in cities across the U.S.

New York fared the worst in the index, with TomTom reporting drivers needing an average of 24 minutes and 50 seconds to travel just 10 kilometers.

New Yorker drivers lost a whopping 112 hours sitting in rush hour traffic in 2023, according to TomTom.

Here are the 10 worst cities for traffic in the U.S., according to TomTom:

1.    New York

2.    Washington

3.    San Francisco

4.    Boston

5.    Chicago

6.    Baltimore

7.    Seattle

8.    Philadelphia

9.    Los Angeles

10.  Miami


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