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Gov. Shapiro Proposes New Funding for SEPTA and other Transit Agencies – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Gov. Josh Shapiro plans to propose $282.8 million in new state funding for public transit in his upcoming budget, administration officials said Saturday, a development that comes as a cash-strapped SEPTA prepares for deep service cuts and a fare increase.

Shapiro’s new measure would generate an estimated $1.5 billion over five years by increasing the allocation of sales tax revenue dedicated to supporting commonwealth transit systems, the administration said. SEPTA would get the largest cut.

“Investing in and improving our public transit systems is a commonsense way to create good-paying jobs, spur economic development, and help Pennsylvanians reach their destinations safely,” Shapiro said in a statement.

If enacted, the governor’s plan would establish the largest bump in the state’s share of public transportation funding since landmark legislation in 2013 earmarked $450 million yearly from the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


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