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Create Walkable Communities Using Residential Retail – Millennial American Dream

Neighborhoods stand as the threads that weave communities together. Yet, in many cities, the concept of local has been stretched thin, with residents often compelled to travel outside their immediate surroundings to access basic services and goods. This not only fragments communities but also exacerbates environmental and social challenges. It's time for a paradigm shift—to rekindle the spirit of urban villages where everything one needs is just a walk away. The key lies in a bold yet simple solution: legalizing residential retail everywhere.

Urban planning has long been dictated by rigid zoning laws that delineate clear boundaries between residential and commercial areas. This demarcation, while organized on paper, creates invisible walls that inhibit the growth of vibrant, self-sustaining neighborhoods. Legalizing residential retail, which includes allowing accessory commercial units (ACUs), has the power to dissolve these barriers. This shift would empower homeowners to convert parts of their residences—be it living rooms, garages, or basements—into thriving small businesses like barbershops, boutiques, cafes, bakeries, or even co-working spaces.


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