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Be a part of the solution. Join GVF in promoting and advocating for TDM and become a TDM leader! 

GVF has numerous TDM events throughout the year. Join them for the TDM Awards Breakfast, TOP TDM Professionals, Bike to Work Day and more! 

Become an advocate for TDM. Walk, ride, work from home, or other TDM options instead of your daily singluar person commute. Join us in advocating for trail development, bike lanes, or safe intersection crossings, 

Your employees may be in need of trails, bike lanes, or safe intersection crossings, a shuttle system, carpooling apps, and more. We have the connections to get your company to the next level or TDM. Contact GVF today!


Transportation Demand Management affects everyone and the diverse backgrounds of these professionals is a true testament of the ever evolving role it plays in all of our communities. In order to have a vibrant and successful 21st century region, we need these type of professionals propelling us forward.


GVF works year-round with its partners to develop programs and incorporate TDM and/or sustainability initiatives into their work environment through transportation demand management (TDM). We want to recognize your company and work with you to develop a TDM plan.


Help us tell the world about the importance of advocating for TDM. Connect with us on social media and start spreading the word by using #WeAreTDM!



Do you bike to work? Do you carpool on a daily basis? Does your job have a flexible work from home policy? 
We want to know!
Using the #WeAreTDM share video's, tweets, pictures, and more! You may be featured on GVF's social media channels!
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