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Our events bring together professionals from a wide range of organizations to give them the opportunity to educate, share, and innovate the world of TDM.

To date, GVF has recognized over 100 top TDM professionals under 40 recipients. GVF presents these awards to ambitious leaders in our industry that are working to find creative solutions to improve our quality of life through engineering, planning, marketing campaigns and the development of commuting alternative programs that are shifting behavioral change. Transportation Demand Management affects everyone and the diverse backgrounds of these professionals is a true testament of the ever evolving role it plays in all of our communities. In order to have a vibrant and successful 21st century region, we need these type of professionals propelling us forward.


Join GVF for our 8th annual BTW Day! Bicyclists leave from 2 different locations in Montgomery County and Chester County and arrive at Valley Forge National Park for refreshments and a press event. Don't worry if you can't make the bike ride meet us at Valley Forge Park for a fun-filled morning! 


GVF works year-round with its partners to develop programs and incorporate TDM and/or sustainability initiatives into their work environment through transportation demand management (TDM). We want to help you be recognized for the investment you are making, and work with you to develop a TDM plan that will track measurable data throughout the year. 

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