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Vanpools like carpooling, carry from seven to fifteen passengers. Vanpools typically operate weekdays, traveling between pick-up locations and the workplace. Pricing varies based on the size of the van, the round-trip distance, and the type of equipment in a van. Amenities could include on-board Wi-fi, luxury seats and bike racks.

Compared to the cost of driving long distances alone, vanpooling will save on average 50-75%. (Enterprise Rideshare FAQ)


GVF works with a reputable vendor, Enterprise Rideshare, and we can help you set up a vanpool today!



If you’re a frequent vanpool commuter, participating in a commuter benefit program, offered by your employer, saves you money and time.

RideECO is the commuter benefit program. ECO means Easy Commute Options that can save you time and money. RideECO allows employers and commuters to save by putting pre-tax dollars towards fares on many modes of alternative transportation.

PDF Brochure:



The Emergency Ride Home service is a "safety net" for commuters working in southeastern PA who either carpool, vanpool or take public transit on a regular basis. In the event of an unexpected emergency registered commuter is provided with a free ride to either their home, car or to the place of the emergency. To sign up for the Emergency Ride Home Program click here.



GVF works with employees to educate them on the facts and benefits of vanpooling by organizing educational seminars at employer locations, as well as helping facilitate employees or an employer getting a vanpool started. If you are interested in starting a vanpool, or would like more information contact Stacey Henrich today.

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