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The Next Generation of Gas Stations in Amsterdam: Mobility Hubs with Services Geared Toward Electric Vehicles – The Mayor

With the rise of electric mobility, the view is that petrol filling stations will gradually become a thing of the past. But what’s set to replace them? The City of Amsterdam thinks it has the answer – something called a ‘mobility hub’.

The mobility hub will kind of resemble a traditional filling station, but it will instead be dedicated to servicing the needs of electric vehicles rather than fossil fuel-powered ones. It will feature facilities such as fast chargers, electric shared vehicles and other services, such as catering and workplaces.

The first one of these, called E-lympic (the name was picked following a consultation with residents) will begin to be constructed in the first quarter of next year on Stadionplein in Amsterdam Zuid. The preliminary concept can be seen in the picture; however, its final shape and outlay will still be a matter of discussion in the following months.


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