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SEPTA to Stop Accepting Paper Tickets on Regional Rail Effective April 2 - SEPTA

With the SEPTA Key Card Travel Wallet available for Regional Rail, SEPTA will no longer accept paper tickets on Regional Rail trains or at the turnstiles at the Center City Regional Rail stations on Friday, April 2.

SEPTA announced in October that the Authority would begin to phase out the use of paper tickets with the launch of the SEPTA Key Card Travel Wallet for Regional Rail in July 2020.

“We encourage our riders to make the switch to SEPTA Key,” said SEPTA General Manager Leslie S. Richards. “By using a SEPTA Key Card, customers get the lowest possible fare, including deeply discounted single-trip prices with the Travel Wallet.”

In addition to being the most affordable way to travel on the system, SEPTA Key enhances health and safety protections in place for customers and employees by reducing the need for in-person transactions.

With SEPTA Key, riders can take advantage of the following fare options:

  • Pay as they go with Travel Wallet

  • Load a Weekly (56 rides) or Monthly (240 rides) TrailPass

  • Load a One Day Independence Pass (10 rides)

  • Load a Three Day Independence Pass: Bundles three One Day Independence Passes together at a discounted rate. Can be used on any three days a customer chooses.

All of these options are available on Regional Rail and Transit (bus, trolley, and subway/elevated).

SEPTA would like to remind customers that at the start of their trip, they should tap the platform or turnstile validator at their boarding station to open their trip. After exiting the train, riders should tap off at the platform or turnstile validator before leaving to close their trip.

Registering a Key Card protects the fares in the event it is ever lost or stolen. Customers who register their Key Card within 30 days are refunded the $4.95 purchase price in the Travel Wallet.

Customers with paper tickets can return them to SEPTA for a refund. Refund requests can be mailed to:

Ticket Refunds SEPTA Railroad Division P.O. Box 58609 Philadelphia, PA 19102-8849

Customers should include the unused tickets, a letter stating the refund request, and a return address.

For more details about SEPTA Key, including information on locations where Key Cards can be purchased, please visit:



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