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SEPTA expands Key Advantage program, urging more large employers to get workers on mass transit

By Tom MacDonald - Whyy

SEPTA Key Card
Photo Credit: SEPTA

SEPTA is growing its Key Advantage program, an effort to get big companies to sign up for Key cards that are given to employees as a benefit.

The program was tested starting in March by three companies, Penn Medicine, Drexel University, and Wawa. Since then, they’ve signed up just under half of their eligible workers, much greater than the buy-in the transit agency initially expected, said SEPTA’s Andrew Busch.

“We went into it thinking that we would get about 25% of those eligible employees signing up, Busch said. “We were really pleased and working with those partners to see that more people signed up. And now we’re offering it out to additional employers, starting initially with larger employers.”

The plan is to start offering the option to companies with 500 or more employees with a target start date of September 1. The cards cost employers $160 each for the first six months, with an adjustment in month seven based on usage that can only go up or down by 10%.



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