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Philadelphia Commuter Benefit Law To Take Effect Beginning December 31, 2022

Effective December 31, 2022 - Title 9 of The Philadelphia Code will require large employers in Philadelphia to offer a mass transit program to covered employees. Commuter benefits allow employees to save by setting aside money tax-free from their paychecks every month to spend on public transportation and carpool expenses.

Employers can offer an employee-paid, pre-tax payroll deduction, or provide an employer-paid direct benefit such as a public transit key card or transportation shuttle. Commuter benefit programs can save employers up to 10 percent on FICA and payroll taxes. They are also an excellent recruitment and retention tool. In Philadelphia - workers can save anywhere from $138 to $540 annually by using pre-tax dollars for transit fares depending on their fare costs and tax bracket. Visit for more details.


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