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New SEPTA Key Validator Pilot Testing - SEPTA

Beginning Sunday, August 1, 2021, SEPTA Revenue Operations will embark on a project to refresh the existing VPE-420 SEPTA Key validators (the red framed screens on buses, trolleys, turnstiles, and platforms) with VPE-430 validators.

The VPE-430 validator will occupy the same footprint as the current VPE-420 model. These validators have the same functionality as the existing validators. However, the tap target area is different. On the current validator, the Key card tap area is the display screen. On the new 430 validator, the tap area is the horizontal surface below the screen.

Testing will confirm backward compatibility with the existing VPE-420 model.

To start - the new VPE-430 validators will be installed on a few buses from our Victory District located at 69th Street Transportation Center in Upper Darby as part of a pilot test. These bus routes primarily run in the suburbs. We expect this phase of the pilot to last a month.

If no unforeseen issues arise, the pilot will expand to an additional 30 – 35 vehicles at Victory and other districts to cover each vehicle type.

The refresh will start with the surface fleet (bus and trolley) and then continue to Sub/El (Broad Street and Market-Frankford Lines) and Regional Rail validators.

Once all of the new validators are installed - testing can begin on new payment options including mobile ticketing and Pay Go.



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