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Mask Force Philly - SEPTA

In November 2020, SEPTA General Manager, Leslie Richards, agreed to join a consortium of public transit providers in the Northeast that is committed to raising awareness of the importance and necessity to wear masks when riding buses, trains and trolleys. SEPTA's version of Mask Force will be integrated within BASCSC, an internal customer focused volunteer group. This group strives in ongoing efforts to "Meet, Greet and Thank" customers for riding SEPTA, who are already in compliance with the mask mandate. In addition, SEPTA will be utilizing the talents of our community supporter s, external stakeholders and SEPTA staff working from home. Doing so, we can greatly expand the presence and visibility of SEPTA Mask Force Philly throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Mask Force members will wear logoed apparel or accessories, carry complimentary FTA masks to offer those who may need one, as well as hand sanitizer and printed "safety tips" cards that describe all the tactics SEPTA has implemented to fight the virus. In alignment with President-Elect Biden's call for 100 Days of Mask Compliance, Mask Force Philly will launch January 27, 2021.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help define proper conditions that will allow SEPTA's "Lost Customers" to return to public transit, confident that the Authority is taking appropriate steps to ensure the health and safety of riders and employees.


  • Embrace the connection between our customers and employees while increasing employee satisfaction

  • Encourage correct mask usage

  • Provide masks to customers who aren't equipped

  • Reassure customers and assist them with feeling protected and safe while in our transit system


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