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Homes For All A Plan for Montgomery County, PA

“Housing is a cornerstone of the social determinants of health, and housing costs can impact job mobility, postsecondary educational attainment, and so many of the daily facets of life that can be onerous when the costs, stability, or quality of housing is not the very best for everyone in every community.” -Dave Zellers

Homes for All is a collaborative multi-purpose project between Montgomery County’s Office of Housing and Community Development, Montgomery County’s Planning Commission, Montgomery County’s Commerce Department and Capacity for Change, LLC.

Our Mission ~To ensure that everyone who lives, works, learns, and invests in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania has the opportunity to live in an affordable home and a thriving community .

Home For All Objectives:

  • To analyze the current state of housing affordability in Montgomery County .

  • To predict future housing needs and patterns based on economic, health, and social trends .

  • To identify policy and funding barriers to the creation of affordable housing .

  • To advance housing equity for underserved and marginalized populations .

  • To utilize advocacy, partnership, and funding best practices to increase housing affordability for all residents, regardless of income, geography, or background .

You can read the full report here.



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