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GVF, Deputy Executive Director recognized as one of Montgomery County's dynamic young professionals

Congratulations GVF Deputy Executive Director, Maureen Farrell, for being recognized as a recipient of the inaugural MONTCO Today 2021 Millennial Superstars.

In partnership with Montgomery County Community College, Meridian Bank, The Lincoln Center, and Bald Birds Brewing, MONTCO Today honored Montgomery County’s 40 most dynamic people under the age of 40, who are shaping the county’s bright future.

MONTCO Millennial Superstars is a new initiative created to celebrate young professionals who are performing remarkable work in their profession and community.

MONTCO Today received close to 300 nominations that highlighted the achievements and leadership of local millennials who are breaking down walls, shattering expectations, and doing remarkable work in their profession or community.

Maureen has been with GVF since 2008 and currently serves as Deputy Executive Director. Maureen is responsible for, but not limited to, overseeing GVF's staff, business development strategies, and coordination of programs, projects, policy, marketing, and events.

Maureen assists with the overall business strategy and fiscal oversight for GVF and its foundation, Communities in Motion, where she serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Maureen also serves as Vice President of GVF’s mobility think tank, The 82 Alliance.

Maureen has been recognized nationally for her TDM expertise and leadership. With most recently receiving the region’s first Excellence in Infrastructure Award from the Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce. Maureen has also received the TDM Leadership Award, Emerging Leader in TDM, and 40 under 40 recipients all from ACT.

“Congratulations Maureen on being recognized as MONTCO Today 2021 Millennial Superstars. Maureen has been a dynamic asset to GVF and both locally and throughout the U.S. as an expert on moving people. Congratulations to Maureen again as this recognition is very much deserved,” Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF.

“My passion towards my work, as we look to improve mobility choices for all, is something that comes very naturally because I want to help lead our region to be better and ensure my children, and their children, have a healthy environment to live in. It is not something I need to be recognized for; however, I am extremely honored and appreciative of this recognition. Congratulations to the other 39 MONTCO Superstars – may we have a positive influence in creating change while working together,” Maureen Farrell, Deputy Executive Director, GVF.


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