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Free Parking at All SEPTA Owned Parking Lots

Free parking at all SEPTA-owned parking lots. All day. Every day - thru October 31, 2021. Another reason why SEPTA is the way to go to work tomorrow!

This includes all surface lots and garages.

However - parking fees at station facilities operated by NON-SEPTA entities, including the City of Philadelphia lots at Fox Chase, Ryers, and Torresdale Stations remain in effect. Customers will be subject to $25.00 parking tickets and other fines at these non-SEPTA facilities.

Also - SEPTA has temporarily suspended the provision that requires customers to purchase a Parking Permit each month to maintain their eligibility. Persons eligible in April 2020 will remain eligible once the Parking Permit Program is reinstituted.

Please note - there is PLENTY of parking at our stations. With ridership still low - parking lots and garages have availability.



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