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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Could Help SEPTA Extend Rail Service to King of Prussia - MontCo Today

Unlike the similar projects from the past, President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan shifts spending from new roads to public transit that could help the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority with its long-planned King of Prussia project, write Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich for The New York Times.

SEPTA currently needs federal aid to move forward on its $2 billion plan to extend rail service to the fast-growing job center in Montgomery County.

The $2 trillion infrastructure plan, unveiled by the president last week, could make this happen sooner than expected. Biden’s plan is one of the most ambitious efforts to challenge the central role of the automobile in the lives of Americans. His proposal tilts federal spending significantly more toward public transportation to draw more people from their cars.

Such a transformation is also necessary to tackle climate change, according to experts. The plan allocates $85 billion over eight years to help modernize and expand mass transit systems in cities across the country. This doubles annual federal spending for this category.

Meanwhile, the $115 billion offered for roads would focus on repairing existing roads and bridges instead of expanding the road network.

Read more about the infrastructure plan in The New York Times.


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