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An Efficient, Seamless Transportation Network is One Where All Modes Work Together – Government Technology

Getting a bus system to coordinate stops with the locations of crosswalks or bike paths shouldn’t be a foreign idea.

But too often, say transportation officials, that disconnect is the difference between outdated mindsets and what’s needed for a future where the modes of mobility are plentiful and they all work as one choreographed unit.

“How we organize is how then we create solutions,” said Julie White, deputy secretary for multimodal transportation at the North Carolina Department of Transportation, speaking on a panel at the recent CoMotion Miami conference.

Her own department “combined ‘bike and pedestrian’ with public transit” seven years ago, starting the process of elimination for a system that was “super siloed.”


“So now, my bike and ped planners are working with my public transit planners to plan a system that makes sense,” White said.

But creating a seamless system requires more than just having the bike and pedestrian planners talk to the transit team. Holistic planning and overlap needs to happen at other intersections too, said Jennifer Jacobs Dungs, global head of mobility at EIT InnoEnergy. She called attention to mobility hubs and to thinking creatively around what new uses they could serve.


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