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Aiming for Equity, Indego Adding 30 Bike-Share Stations, E-Bikes in 2022 in Philadelphia - NBC10

What to know

  • Indego is upping its fleet of electric bikes and bike-share stations throughout Philadelphia in 2022.

  • The 30 new stations and 400 e-bikes being added in 2022 are part of a five-year expansion plan to increase the bicycle program into more communities.

  • Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says as the "system expands into new neighborhoods it remains accessible and affordable for low-income riders."

You should start seeing more Indego bicycles in bike lanes and on roads around the city next year as the popular bike-share program expands further into Philadelphia.

On Thursday, the Philadelphia Mayor's Office announced Indego's 2022 expansion plan that will add 30 new stations to the system and 400 electric-assisted bikes (these add a little motorized help that you don't get with the traditional blue bikes) to the fleet. This follows the city adding 25 new stations and 300 of the white e-bikes in 2021.

City leaders are trumpeting new stations in neighborhoods not initially served extensively by the bike program since its launch in 2015. The expanded footprint will deliver the bike-share service to more places where people live and work.

Green "I’m proud of the work of the City, Bicycle Transit Systems staff, Independence Blue Cross, partners, and community leaders to ensure that as the system expands into new neighborhoods it remains accessible and affordable for low-income riders," Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said.

Monthly Indego passes cost $17 plus tax and yearly passes cost $156 plus tax, but discounted service is available for ACCESS cardholders at a cost of $5 per month and $48 a year.

More than 5 million Indego rides have been taken over the years. During the COVID-19 pandemic the need nd demand for bike-share increased.

"Indego played an especially significant role in 2020 and will continue to do so going forward because of increased demand for biking due to the pandemic," Kenney said.

The new stations, which will start arriving in spring 2022 are part of a five-year expansion plan.

"The size of the system will double in size, allowing Indego to reach more communities within South, West, North, and Northwest Philadelphia," according to a news release from the city. "Program managers project that by the end of 2026, Indego will have a system of 3,500 bikes, and 350 stations in a network that reaches from Germantown to the Navy Yard, and from Cobbs Creek to the Delaware River."

Last year, Philadelphia gave Bicycle Transit Systems a 10-year contract extension to run the Indego bike share program.


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