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Construction Underway Linear Park - King of Prussia District

UPDATE 7/23/20:

The asphalt binder for the multimodal path is down and concrete is getting poured this week and next week for bus shelter pads and curb walls. Areas along the path have been regraded with topsoil to improve stormwater management. Concrete foundations for the new pedestrian light poles have been installed every fifty feet and three new block walls have been constructed.

With most of the ground bases and hard surfaces installed by the end of next week the contractor will prepare the areas for new hand rails and street furniture, including benches, trash cans, light poles, and bus shelters. Then, the final layer of asphalt will be installed on the binder course and construction entrances replaced with concrete ADA curb ramps. New planting beds and trees will be installed beginning in September.

Due to reduced traffic volume on First Avenue, restrictions on construction activities during rush hour periods have been suspended but the contractor will comply with Upper Merion’s noise ordinance. Flaggers will be on site if lane closures are necessary. We will monitor the traffic volume and revert to the original time-of-day restrictions if construction creates excessive impacts.

First Avenue Linear Park Bus Shelter Project

In addition to the multimodal path, King of Prussia District is partnering with Upper Merion Township and Montgomery County to install new solar panel bus shelters on First Avenue as part of the new Linear Park under construction. These new ADA compliant bus shelters will be installed on new concrete pads with benches, trash cans, and solar-powered lighting. This project is financed in part by Montgomery County through the Montco 2040 Implementation Grant Program.

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