10 Tips From CEOs on Working From Home Effectively and Happily - Entrepreneur

According to Paul Statham, CEO at Condeco Software, “Coronavirus is accelerating working from home, a trend that was already happening in many businesses and organizations. According to our Modern Workplace 2019 report, 41 percent of employers now offer some form of remote working, and we expect that figure to be even higher in our next report due to be released in April.”

Statham continues, “New technology has enabled companies to offer employees this flexibility and that means that even in the midst of a global crisis, businesses can carry on productively with limited impact in a secure and collaborative way. Threats to business come from many areas but those companies that are using technology to maximize their productivity already, including the ability to meet in a virtual meeting online or book desks, workspace or meeting spaces from a remote location, will find it easier to ride out disruption.”

I’ve worked from home for almost 14 years, both remotely as a CMO for a sports company and while I launched and grew my marketing and PR agency. My priority has always been to educate people on how to live happier and healthier lives through movement, nutrition, attitude and communication. I also believe that work-life balance is B.S., so I find ways to juggle it all with some boundaries. Beyond the obvious of getting out of your pajamas in the morning and learning how to use the mute button for calls, below are three tips that focus on healthy habits of work for me:

1. Invest in a standing desk.

This will help alleviate lower back or hip pain and promote better health. But this doesn’t mean you should just stand all day. Move around your house — and I'm not just talking about trips to the fridge. Make sure to find times to sit throughout the day, and push your shoulders back to ensure that you are sitting with good posture. Move around and use different locations throughout your home to inspire creativity, encourage different ergonomic positions and have different views and sounds.

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