February 13, 2020

Changing commuter behavior is not just about engaging with drivers heading to work, but their employers as well.

This has been the approach taken in Columbus, Ohio, where the Smart Columbus program is working to reduce single-occupancy trips by boosting public transit ridership and electric vehicle adoption, among other reforms.

Part of this transformative eff...

January 29, 2020

How Long is Your Commute? 

The D.C. region has one of the longest commutes in the country. Here's how the individual trips break down. 

In 2017, those who drove to work logged 102 hours sitting on the road due to traffic congestion. That’s the equivalent of more than four days — time that could have been spent pursuing hobbies, meeting up with friends, connect...

November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving isn’t just when Americans gather with family, eat excessive amounts of food and unabashedly watch football all day. It’s also the second-most traveled holiday in the country.

If you’re one of the folks making a trip, do your planning well: all industry estimations point to record-breaking numbers on the roads, rails and airways this year.

Close to...

October 15, 2019

A year ago, navigation app Waze made a risky bet on carpooling, a type of commuting that has waned since its heyday in the 1970s. It launched Waze Carpool, a dedicated app that lets nonprofessional drivers offer rides to people who are traveling on a similar route for a nominal fee. So how’s it been going? Pretty good it seems, according to some statistics t...

September 26, 2019

In the final weeks of 2018, I caught a glimpse of transportation’s future on my way to an appointment. I was walking briskly to catch a bus I knew had 20-minute headways. If I missed it, I’d be late.

I fired up a trip-planning app on my phone, which gave me a real-time countdown to when the bus would arrive. I had five minutes to go three blocks. Crap! Now wa...

September 5, 2019

A new report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute about commuters’ traffic woes is a doozy. The big takeaway: Drivers are wasting more time than ever “stopping and going in an ocean of brake lights” (to quote one news account). Since the Institute’s first Urban Mobility Report was issued in 1982, the number of hours per commuter lost to traffic delay...

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The ‘Busway’ Proves Another Benefit of Car-Free Streets: Safety - StreetsBlog

February 19, 2020

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