June 15, 2020

The transportation status quo in the United States needs to change. With congested roads, high rates of air pollution, and alternatives to driving that are inefficient, expensive, or both, we need more than just state and local action to tackle this problem. We need federal action to help bring transportation into the 21st century. Fortunately, House Democra...

February 19, 2020

The car-free 14th Street Busway is a real lifesaver. No, literally.

The benefits of the city’s transit-priority pilot program between Third and Ninth avenues in Manhattan are well documented: buses are moving much faster and ridership is up as a result of the improved service.

But the project is having a much greater, and much-less-heralded, safety impact.In t...

January 23, 2020

It was supposed to lead to a “carpocolypse.” The 14th Street Busway, a long-delayed pilot program in New York City to expedite service by creating bus-only lanes on a major east-west street in the lower half of Manhattan, was predicted to be a disaster for drivers.

Ever since the new thoroughfare was opened in mid-October, with red paint clearly marking lanes...

January 23, 2020

MTA officials said on Monday that bus lane cameras are speeding up snail-like service along congested corridors, but in the same announcement, the agency ended up emphasizing a strategy that works best, yet is so rarely instituted: getting cars out of the way of buses entirely.

In a new analysis issued on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the MTA said that its enfo...

December 30, 2019

Two thousand nineteen was a year in which Not in My Back Yard groups fought vital transportation projects tooth and nail — often taking to the courts to stop them. Yet even so, the city’s Department of Transportation inaugurated some sterling additions to the urban landscape that will make New York safer, cleaner and faster-moving. Here’s a review of the mos...

December 20, 2019

Gridlock Sam to Mayor de Blasio: Your busway really is working.

Bus ridership along 14th Street is way up, bus speeds are way up, use of bicycles in the area is way up and car drivers are being inconvenienced in virtually no appreciable way as a result of auto restrictions along the crosstown street between Third and Ninth avenues, City Hall said on Wednesday...

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Pa. Turnpike: Toll hike, 45-percent non-EZ pass surcharge coming - WHYY PBS

August 6, 2020

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