April 30, 2020

As the city prepares to end lockdown, Mayor Anne Hidalgo plans to use bike lanes, buses, and social distancing to keep more cars off the roads and reduce pollution.

Returning to a Paris dominated by cars after lockdown ends is “out of the question,” according to the city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo. Speaking Tuesday at a special session of the Paris City Council on...

April 28, 2020

Mayor de Blasio just did the City Council 33 percent better — he’s committed to opening up 100 miles of streets for socially responsible recreation during the COVID-19 crisis.

At his virtual press conference this morning, de Blasio said negotiations with the City Council — which is pushing its own bill for 75 miles of car-free space — have yielded success: 40...

April 27, 2020

As the construction industry prepares to resume work, the Wolf Administration today issued guidance for all construction businesses and employees to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

All businesses in the construction industry in the commonwealth are permitted to resume in-person operations starting Friday, May 1 – one week earlier than previously announced.


April 22, 2020

Mayor de Blasio will be forced — by law — to open up scores of miles of roadways for pedestrians and cyclists, thanks to a City Council bill that will be introduced next week.

Details of the bill were not provided, but Council Speaker Corey Johnson said in a statement that the goal is to “allocate more street space to pedestrians and cyclists … with a citywid...

April 21, 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an opportunity to talk to two Qlik employees on how they started carpooling. During these times, we know most of our region are working from home. GVF can be a valuable resource for your organization during this time, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance. 

As we celebrate Earth day, here is a look at two p...

April 17, 2020

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is putting pressure on deliveries and local logistics.

  • Autonomous vehicles (AVs) could help alleviate the strain on existing delivery services while reducing the risk of exposure for citizens.

  • Yet regulatory hurdles remain before AVs can be deployed at scale.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put an incredible strain on global...

April 8, 2020

There is some good news, at least.

Americans are indeed driving less — up to 94 percent less in some places — as the global COVID-19 pandemic keeps people at home, but rural segments of the country are not doing their share to flatten the curve, the result of a patchwork of rules set in statehouses rather than at the White House.

New vehicle miles traveled sta...

April 1, 2020

Congresswoman Dean spoke to GVF partners regarding the recent bills passed by congress that includes the CARES Act.

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Philly officials support automated bus lane enforcement and say it could improve ‘transit equity’ - PlanPhilly

July 9, 2020

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