June 28, 2019

Google’s wayfinding company wants to help drivers and riders find each other on its navigation app—and ease traffic congestion along the way.

They came to our WeWork. And they brought us tacos.

That’s how Waze Carpool convinced just over a hundred mostly young professionals at my shared workplace in Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown to download their new ride-shari...

June 27, 2019

Passengers will be able to travel 680 miles, between Tokyo and Sapporo, in less than four hours.

The picture of a “bullet train” speeding past Mount Fuji is an iconic image of modern Japan.

In recent years, however, Japan has lost the “world’s fastest passenger train” title to China — if only by a few miles per hour. But now, Japan plans to reclaim that crown,...

June 26, 2019

E-scooters weigh less than 100 pounds and ride at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.

Could electric scooters soon be zooming along Philadelphia streets, like they do in other cities like Washington D.C., Baltimore and Los Angeles?

Philadelphia is among the last big-city holdouts to allow e-scooter rentals. However, City Council already approved them for ren...

June 25, 2019

A pedestrian threads his way through snarled traffic at Broad and Chestnut streets. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

Philadelphia drivers have a reputation for road rage and SEPTA  just gave them a new reason to be ticked off.

A new study commissioned by the transit agency found local households are paying a de-facto congestion tax of $260 a year. The unofficial tariff comes i...

June 24, 2019

The car is set to undergo a massive transformation in the coming years, as automation gradually eliminates the need for drivers, and electric and hybrid vehicles occupy a growing share of the global market. But, in a future where autonomous cars arrive on demand to take you where you need to go, there seems little point in owning one.

The average car spends a...

June 21, 2019

If you could do anything to improve transportation in your city, what would it be? Here are a few ideas you gave us, selected from 250 reader submissions.

Cities across the country are coming up with innovative solutions to improve transportation. Seattle invested heavily in public transit, and it paid off: The city managed to grow its population and decrease...

June 20, 2019

PennDOT released the results of its 2019 statewide transportation survey this month. The survey asked roughly 6,400 residents across the state what they think of Pennsylvania's current transportation systems, how people move around the state, and what they'd like to see happen before the next biennial survey.

What they found, in short: Pennsylvanians like to...

June 19, 2019

After more than two decades away, Chester County and SEPTA officials announced Thursday that regional rail service is set to return to the city.

SEPTA's coming back to Coatesville.

After more than two decades away, Chester County and SEPTA officials announced Thursday that regional rail service is set to return to the city. The move is part of a larger effort...

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Philly officials support automated bus lane enforcement and say it could improve ‘transit equity’ - PlanPhilly

July 9, 2020

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