Special DELIVER-E: New electric delivery vehicle prototype is based on a Renault Twizy - TreeHugger

Following the trend of smaller, lighter electric vehicles, a new working prototype of a "revolutionary" electric delivery vehicle has just been unveiled by the University of Warwick. Although fast, heavy, and expensive electric cars tend to get all the media love right now, perhaps because what many people want is something that looks just like a gas car but has an electric drivetrain, the move toward a cleaner transport system might happen a lot quicker thanks to the adoption of more electric vehicles in the commercial sector, especially smaller utility vehicles. Considering the number of gas- and diesel-powered delivery, service, and courier vehicles currently on the streets of cities arou

City announces task force charged with promoting electric car ownership in Philly - PlanPhilly

On Friday, Mayor Jim Kenney and City Council announced the creation of a joint task force to study ways Philadelphia can encourage — or at least not impede — city residents’ adoption of electric vehicles. All-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids require outlets in order to recharge their batteries, which take hours to fully reload. In suburban settings, this isn’t a problem, as most homes have driveways and garages. But in a city like Philadelphia, where off-street parking is relatively rare, it can be a logistical nightmare. City Council pulled the plug on Philadelphia’s prior attempt at addressing that issue, which allowed electric vehicle (EV) owners to convert on-street parking spots i

One of the most Important Parts of Bike Infrastructure is Invisible - People For Bikes

Since its founding 50 years ago, the top U.S. agency for investigating transportation injuries had been suprisingly quiet about a phenomenon that's behind 30 percent of U.S. traffic fatalities. Like much of the country's transportation safety establishment, the National Transportation Safety Board had frequently avoided the subject of the speed of private cars. It did so even though the issue has been coming up since the very first collision the agency investigated, in Joliet, Illinois, in 1967. Avoided the subject until this month, that is. In a groundbreaking report released last week, the federal agency laid the foundations for a major rethinking of transportation safety practices. The bi

Dutch university unveils car made entirely of natural materials - Curbed

A group of students from the Netherlands’s Eindhoven University of Technology have unveiled the world’s first car made of bio-composite materials. Named “Lina,” the lightweight four-seater has a chassis, exterior body, and interior constructed with a variety of natural and biodegradable substances. The chassis was made with a combo of bio-composite and bio-plastic, using a honeycomb structure made entirely from sugar beets. The exterior uses sheets of flax-based bio-composite, with strength comparable to fiberglass, but more sustainably manufactured. The car is also energy-efficient, running off of a set of modular batteries. The 300-kilogram car seat four people, reach a speed of about 50 m


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