Seattle offers credits for car-free trips amid bridge closure - Cities Today

Photo Credit: Cities Today

by Christopher Carey

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has announced it will offer certain residents up to US$25 in mobility credits to use on public transit, e-scooters, bike-shares, or vanpool fares to cope with the impact of the West Seattle Bridge closure.

The bridge has been closed to cars since March 2020 after cracks were found during a routine inspection, which has forced residents to make a long detour if they’re using a car, or use an adjacent bridge that is open only to pedestrians, cyclists and public transit in order to access other parts of the city.

Flip Your Trip West Seattle’ is aimed at helping people who live and work in West Seattle go car-free as travel patterns return to pre-pandemic levels.

“It is our hope that this program will incentivize people to use different modes of transportation over the Duwamish River that can also support long-term changes in travel patterns, even when the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge reopens [in 2022],” said SDOT Director, Sam Zimbabwe.

“Duwamish valley communities along the detour route have been severely affected by increased traffic and speeding through their neighborhoods, and we can all do our part together.”

Flip your trip

The US$25 incentive works on King County Metro buses, water taxis, Sound Transit, Seattle Streetcar and all local scooter and bike-share services (Lime, LINK, Spin and Wheels).

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