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Lessons from Asia on National Transport Ambitions and Accelerating Decarbonization- The City Fix

In Asia, 14 countries — accounting for 26% of global transport emissions in 2019 — have made economy-wide net zero commitments. Momentum towards zero-emission transport is growing with countries enhancing ambition and including transport-related targets in their nationally determined contributions (NDCs). However, the transport sector still needs to catch up with many others, and each country must follow a unique path.

New WRI research assesses how China, India and Vietnam are translating their international climate ambition into national climate change-related transport strategies and policies. Based on a detailed analysis of how each country’s governance structure and policy planning may support or hinder transport decarbonization, an extensive review of literature and policy documents, as well as expert interviews, we have identified seven key opportunities to enhance ambition and implement the policies needed to reach the NDC goals in the transport sector.


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