How Midtown projects launching in 2020 could be huge for crosstown mobility - Curbed

In the estimation of Kevin Green, Midtown Alliance CEO and president, 2020 will be viewed in the annals of Atlanta transportation history as a year both important and exciting.

Green has much to be excited about.

Following lengthy approval and design processes (a years-long slog, in some cases), Midtown is set for a year of unprecedented growth, as public infrastructural improvements are concerned, with more projects scheduled to break ground than any year before.

Roughly $47 million in public improvement efforts is in the works across the district, predicted to begin within months and carry over the next several years.

Collectively, the projects “will be hugely important in providing viable and safe alternatives for getting around without a car,” Green tells Curbed Atlanta. “What we’ve lacked is a connected network of protected lanes, and that’s what these projects will start to provide.”

Adding urgency (and financial oomph) to the changes in Midtown public right-of-ways is the City of Atlanta’s two-year, $5 million action plan to accelerate safety designs in more than 20 corridors, including several in Midtown. That was announced in September, following e-scooter accidents that resulted in four fatalities around Atlanta last spring and summer.

“The city is acting with a welcome sense of urgency here,” says Green.

Detailed below are key Midtown projects expected to see shovels meet dirt this year, with a goal of greater mobility and accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclists, e-scooter riders, or anyone else opting not to drive.

Complete street conversion: Juniper

You’re probably familiar with one-way streets meant to function as pairs in Midtown and downtown. Prepare for a much more extensive network of protected bike lanes that will serve the same purpose, beginning this year.

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