Thanksgiving travel prep: Philly region to see biggest driving day in a decade - BillyPenn

Thanksgiving isn’t just when Americans gather with family, eat excessive amounts of food and unabashedly watch football all day. It’s also the second-most traveled holiday in the country.

If you’re one of the folks making a trip, do your planning well: all industry estimations point to record-breaking numbers on the roads, rails and airways this year.

Close to 665,000 people from Philadelphia and the five surrounding counties are expected to drive or fly to new destinations for the holiday this year, according to AAA. That’s the highest in more than a decade, contributing to 55 million nationwide.

For flying, the post-holiday Sunday is big, with Airlines for America also predicting the rush to cause “the busiest travel day ever for the U.S. airline industry.”

Here’s what Philly area transit are doing to prep for the “Turkey Trot.”

Driving: It's bad in both directions

Even if your regular habits don’t include a car, it’s likely you’ll be in one for this holiday. In contrast to the airports, Pennsylvania roadways accommodate the most traffic on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, according to PennDOT — and it’s a lot of vehicles.

According to AAA data, 89 percent of Philly-area Thanksgiving travelers drive to their destinations: More than 590k of the total 665k local travelers will depend on autos to get them to their destinations.

What’s the dollar cost? Average gas price in and around Philadelphia is about $2.74 right now, just a bit lower than last year’s $2.79 average.

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