SEPTA’s Modernized Payment Method Coming to Regional Rail Riders by Spring - Montco.Today

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority is planning to expand its modernized payment method to Regional Rail riders by spring, writes Patricia Madej for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“That’s our plan,” said Rich Burnfield, SEPTA’s treasurer and deputy general manager.

The Key cards have been adopted by transit riders for some time now, but the rollout among train commuters has not been as fast as the transportation agency had hoped.

To achieve the spring deadline, SEPTA needs to work out a Travel Wallet and a parking feature, as well as finalizing employee training. Additionally, riders will have to learn how to use the new system that will ultimately become a “tap in/tap out” payment system.

SEPTA has already laid down the groundwork for the new system ahead of its April deadline. Turnstiles were installed at the five Center City locations two years ago and the installation of validating towers at outlying stations has already begun.

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