Congresswoman Houlahan, PA State Reps & more discuss PA Transportation at Advancing Mobility Sum

Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan, PA State Reps, SEPTA, PennDOT and more discuss PA Transportation and Infrastructure at Annual Advancing Mobility Summit

GVF, a not-for-profit organization committed to reducing congestion, improving the environment and quality of life for all, hosted its last signature event of the year, its  Advancing Mobility Summit earlier this month.

Through the Advancing Mobility Summit attendees heard about local, regional and state-wide initiatives and projects, as well as networking among executives.

The 2019 summit featured two dynamic keynote speakers and three panel sessions.

Morning keynote:  

Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan

U.S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan is an Air Force veteran, engineer, entrepreneur, and educator who is continuing her career of service as the first woman ever to represent Pennsylvania's 6th District in Congress.

Chrissy was the morning keynote speaker and spoke about her passion for improving transportation and infrastructure within PA.

She stated that Pennsylvania is ranked ninth in the country when it comes to the amount of structurally deficient bridges. She passionately talked about how this must be addressed. She also spoke on the importance of addressing congestion, which affects economic productivity within the state.

Chrissy is working diligently in D.C., initiating communication with the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee to address mobility issues within her district and a larger goal of passing a long-term transportation. Chrissy has talked to congressional members about a ‘carbon fee’ and has co-sponsored an affordable housing bill, realizing that both access to affordable housing as well as an economical way to get to work are important to strengthen our workforce as well as equity.

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