New Report Mulls Transportation Parking Options for the Next Decade - UVA Today

The University of Virginia’s 10-year parking and transportation master plan features a combination of transportation innovations and increasing parking efficiency and capacity.

A steering committee equipped with significant input from the public and employees directed the plan, a joint effort produced by the Office of the Architect for the University and the Department of Parking and Transportation. The final report promotes transportation alternatives, such as enhanced incentives for carpooling, along with more traditional responses, such as expanding the parking inventory. The options are laid out in short-, mid- and long-term plans, although Rebecca White, director of the Department of Parking and Transportation, said there is a great deal of flexibility.

“The parking and transportation study looks 10 years out to understand what is going to happen with our transportation options and parking inventory,” White said. “Spoiler alert: There are times during those 10 years where if we don’t do anything, we are going to run out of parking spaces in key areas.”

Julia Monteith, senior land use planner for the Office of the Architect, said, “We worked carefully in the plan development to coordinate with the long-term University land-use planning to ensure beneficial collaboration for the Grounds.”

According to the transportation plan, the University has approximately 9,860 employees in the Academic Division and another 7,610 in the Health System, with about 82% of the faculty and staff driving to work. At the same time, nearly all students either ride University Transit System buses, walk or bicycle. The University currently has 19,344 parking spaces to accommodate employee, student and patient/visitor needs. During the past five years, demand for employee parking permits has increased by about 5%; student parking permits have decreased by about 5% annually.

New collaborations with the Charlottesville Area Transit and JAUNT (Jefferson Area United Transportation) were moved from the mid-term to the short-term priorities list when JAUNT announced it was adding fixed-schedule shuttles linking Crozet, Buckingham and Lovingston to Charlottesville to its existing 29 Express Service, now called 29 North CONNECT.

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