SEPTA Key Explained: Regional Rail Rollout, Travel Wallet Expands - NBC10

Ever-growing use of the SEPTA Key is in full swing on Regional Rail trains.

But for many riders who get their weekly and monthly passes through employer pre-tax programs or through the school they attend, the Key Card remains something mysterious, always one seat away.

All who ride SEPTA trains will eventually become Key holders, according to SEPTA's grand plan.

Exactly when that happens, however, remains up in the air.

Here is an UPDATED rundown of all the major Key-related developments and crucial upgrades that SEPTA riders need to know about:

If I Get My Weekly or Monthly Regional Rail Pass Mailed to Me or Given to Me Through My School, When Will I Be Required to Start Using the Key?

The short answer is: SEPTA doesn't have a set date.

The long(ish) answer is: While there are scheduled dates (see below) for requiring new purchasers of weekly and monthly trailpasses to buy passes through the Key Card, all "legacy" weekly and monthly trailpass users will continue to use those now-antiquated passes. That means if you get a trailpass mailed to you through a pre-tax employer program, there is no set date for you to get the Key. If you're a student who uses a district-provided pass, there is no set date for you to get the Key.

SEPTA says it is still working with third-party providers to make the eventual changeover easy for commuters.

That said ...

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