Audi Takes On The Urban Electric Scooter Trend With The E-Tron Scooter - Forbes

Audi is pursuing the sporty urban rider with its latest concept. The Audi e-tron Scooter is a stylish electrically-powered transport promising a ride that evokes the free spirit of the skateboard. This latest idea joins what appears to be a booming market. Lately, I see more and more Londoners, male and female adults, some dressed in smart work outfits, zooming past on their little e-scooters. Yes some look a little smug, but equally the electric scooter feels fun and exciting and a thoroughly modern way to move around short distances.

Audi has been at the forefront of electric cars for some time and we are beginning to see the first examples of its clean production cars branded under “e-tron”. The German premium carmaker is continuously exploring future technology to help feed into the e-tron project. The latest concept was the AI:ME, an radical car powered by electricity, equipped with next-level autonomous driving and designed for the megacities of the near future. This e-scooter takes on some of the technology from the car making side to offer an alternative transport solution for the urban traveler.

The e-scooter fits into a multi-modal mobility solution and that last mile of the commute. Much of the design is therefore concerned with practicality – ease of transport and storage to be precise. So, the scooter weighs only 12 kg and can be easily folded up to be taken on a bus, a train or placed in the back of the car. When folded, it can also be pulled like a trolley.

So far, the e-scooter is much like some of the exciting products appearing on the market. What Audi is also promising with this particular e-tron model is excellent handling to feel like surfing waves. Although riders keep one hand on the handlebar, they control the scooter like a skateboard with their feet by shifting their weight. Then the movable axles with four wheels allow unusually tight curves.

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