SEPTA Regional Rail paper Trailpasses will disappear starting in August - WHYY

The final swipes have come for the 40,000 SEPTA Key card that will go dead on July 31.

If you were one of the 39,386 early adopters who picked up a newborn card three years ago and haven’t already spent or moved your balance, this is the time to call the SEPTA Key magicians at Conduent (855-567-3782). Ask to transfer your balance over to a fresh card before the credit vanishes.

But old Key cards aren’t the only SEPTA passes passing into obsolescence.

Now that weekly and monthly passses work on the Key card for all four Regional Rail zones, SEPTA is phasing out its paper monthly and weekly trailpasses. SEPTA will convert all TrailPasses to Key card purchases over the next few months.

Per SEPTA, the TrailPass phase-out will proceed as follows:

  • Weekly Zones 3 and 4: Monday, August 12

  • Weekly Zones 1 and 2: Monday, Sept. 9

  • Monthly Zones 3 and 4 TrailPasses will convert to Key-only beginning with the October Monthly pass ( The passes will be available on Key for purchase starting Sept. 20)

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