Chester County earns air quality award - Daily Local News

WEST CHESTER — Chester County has earned an award for its efforts to improve air quality and protect public health.

GVF nominated the County of Chester for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Air Quality Partnership Excellence award.

“It is an honor for the County to receive this award for our efforts – our initiatives and best practices – to reduce air pollution,” said Chester County Commissioners’ Chair Kichline on behalf of the Board of Commissioners. “Our new comprehensive plan, Landscapes3, specifically calls for the advancement of multimodal transportation options that reduce congestion, support a resilient and clean energy network, and help address climate change.”

“The Chester County Planning Commission also created the Phoenixville Region Multimodal Transportation Plan that provided multimodal solutions for that area of the County,” Commissioner Kichline added. “We will continue to support preservation, sustainable development, and smart transportation choices that help improve air quality and public health for all residents and future generations.”

The Air Quality Partnership program is run through DVRPC. The program is a coalition of private companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations dedicated to raising awareness of air quality in the Delaware Valley and promoting actions that people and organizations can take to reduce air pollution and protect public health.

“Each year, DVRPC’s Air Quality Partnership Program recognizes positive actions taken by local organizations to reduce emissions, protect public health, and increase mobility options,” said DVRPC Executive Director Barry Seymour. “Through its plans and programs, Chester County provides ways for its residents and employees to help improve air quality. Whether it is preserving open space, planning multimodal transportation networks, or encouraging alternative commuting strategies for its own employees, Chester County serves as a model for the entire region.”

Commissioner Kichline accepted the award on behalf of the County during GVF’s Bike to Work Day event earlier this month.

“Congratulations to Chester County on receiving the 2019 Air Quality Partnership Excellence award,” said GVF Deputy Executive Director Maureen Farrell. “GVF was proud to nominate Chester County for its leadership in improving the County’s environmental impact – from the recent studies the Planning Commission has produced with Landscapes3 and the Phoenixville Region Multimodal Transportation Plan, to also being a leader in offering Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs to employees to reduce congestion and improve quality of life for all.”

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