Rhode Island creating model for people-focused transit corridor in downtown - Mobility Lab

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on how Providence and the entire Rhode Island region are making redesigns for a new era of diversified transportation options for people.

As Providence, RI embraces a vision of mixed-use transit-oriented development, residents miss the frequent and reliable service of streetcars. The city even received federal funding for a proposed shuttle-like, mixed-traffic streetcar route comparable to those now operating in numerous U.S. downtowns.

But rather than constructing such a streetcar route, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority is taking an incremental approach to improving its transit system. Providence’s first step: using funds originally intended for the cancelled streetcar project to construct a new downtown transit-priority corridor that will connect the places people need to go and boost the system’s core capacity and reliability. Though it uses buses rather than rail, this approach will channel the real advantages of the city’s former streetcar network — one-seat trips, a central transit hub that is also a civic center, and high frequencies within the city center — and has the potential to become a successful model that other transit providers can follow.

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