New report: Real-time transit information affects travel behavior in Arlington - Mobility Lab

Transit agencies hoping to attract and retain riders constantly look for ways to enhance the user experience. While reliability and predictability of service remains key, at the heart of this issue sits real-time transit information.

RTTI is the information communicated to riders about the current and near-future status of transit – such as predicted arrival time – representing the interface between transit agencies and the users of their systems.

Given today’s ubiquitous use of technology, providing RTTI is both critical and challenging. It is critical since this information plays a significant role in people’s perceptions and use of public transportation, as much previous research has shown. And it is challenging because technology raises the bar, with riders now expecting highly accurate and ever-more customizable information.

Arlington County’s Mobility Lab produced this 245-page report – Market Research on Real Time Transit Information Needs and Users’ Expectations – through grant funding from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation and with assistance from WBA Research. It consists of extensive focus groups and online surveying of people who live, work, and/or go to school in Arlington, and shines a light on how those riders view the importance of RTTI.

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