Dockless Bikes (And More Electric Bikes) Are Coming to Philly - Phillymag

Dockless bikes are coming to Philly — temporarily, at least.

Philly is moving forward with plans for a dockless bike share pilot program later this year. The pilot would be separate from the city’s existing Indego bike share fleet, and it would consist entirely of electric pedal-assist bikes.

We’ll have more info below, but first: You may recall that the city’s Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability (which oversees bike shares and bike lanes) introduced the city to 10 electric pedal-assist bikes through Indego this past fall. The bikes were rolled out as part of a pilot program which ran from November to mid-March.

We took the bikes for a spin, and they were pretty sweet. As mentioned, they’re electric pedal-assist bikes (not regular e-bikes), meaning they give you a motorized boost only when you’re already pedaling. That little push can help you travel up to 17 mph (which is about as fast as a speedy cyclist can go when they’re really pedaling away).

The Indego electric-assist bikes were popular (and safe) enough that more of them will return soon, and this time for good. Aaron Ritz, transportation program manager for OTIS, said the organization is expected to announce more details on that front next week.