Here’s a New Design for a ‘Very’ Light Rail Vehicle - Next City

Rendering of the “very light rail vehicle” in works at the University of Warwick in England

Very Light Rail Vehicle Design Unveiled

The move to produce a light-rail vehicle suitable for lower-capacity services advanced another step last week with the release of a design for a “very light rail vehicle” being developed at the University of Warwick in England.

Metro Report International reports that the university is working with automotive company RDM to build a prototype vehicle for testing by the middle of 2020. The vehicle would have a capacity of 50 passengers and run off battery power; the ultimate goal is for the vehicle to run autonomously.

The Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership is contributing 2.5 million pounds (U.S. $3.31 million) toward the vehicle’s development, with an additional 12.2 million pounds (U.S. $16.14 million) coming from the West Midlands Combined Authority.

If the tests prove successful and the U.K. government approves, the backers of this project plan to build a very light rail line serving Coventry starting in 2024. Also being studied as part of this project is the development of a new type of track on which the vehicles will run.

Albany Appears Ready to Bring Congestion Pricing to New York City

The first time around, New York State legislators failed to approve a bill to bring congestion pricing to Manhattan. This time, the parlous state of New York City’s subways is pushing them toward enacting it.

The New York Times reports that state government leaders in Albany reached consensus March 25 that legislation needed to be enacted to set up a congestion charge covering Manhattan’s most congested territory.

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