Lyft’s new green transit strategy involves … parks - Curbed

This morning, Lyft announced a new partnership with The Trust for Public Land, the national park nonprofit that formed in 1972. In the works for nearly a year, the new collaboration begins to bring clarity to Lyft’s City Works initiative, a promise the company made to invest $50 million or 1 percent of profits, whichever is higher, in infrastructure and transit.

The collaboration will fund the creation of seven new parks, targeted in areas that are “park-poor” and underserved, part of the Trust’s Parks for People community impact fund. Lilly Shoup, Lyft’s senior director of policy and partnerships, said the precise locations of the parks will be revealed in the coming weeks. But they will be parks that cities have already approved, with Lyft providing extra financial muscle.

Shoup couldn’t give an exact figure for Lyft’s total park investment, but it will come out of the annual City Works budget. She also provided a somewhat tenuous link between the park project and Lyft’s core transit function.

“This partnership is bringing to life how when we travel differently, we can use land that’s currently used for parking for other things, like parks,” Shoup says. “This shows how a city of the future can provide more opportunities for people.”

Lyft riders can also choose to donate to the Trust for Public Land as part of their Round Up & Donate program.

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