New York MTA to Be Streamlined Under Reorganization Plan - Next City

Cuomo, De Blasio Announce MTA Reorganization Plan

If, a couple of decades hence, the Governor of New York State and the Mayor of New York City cut the ribbon on the rest of the Second Avenue Subway and announce with pride that they spent far less than $2 billion a mile to build it, they may have current Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio to thank.

The two heads of government jointly announced Feb. 26 a plan to completely restructure the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, raise the funds needed to modernize the New York region’s mass transit infrastructure and tamp down on spiraling construction costs.

Articles in Metro Report International and Railway Age provided the broad outlines of the plan.

Item one on the plan’s 10-point to-do list: a total reorganization of the MTA’s structure. Currently, the authority serves as a “holding company” for five operating agencies (New York City Transit, Long Island Railroad, Metro-North Commuter Railroad, MTA Bus [which operates longer-distance buses and local bus service on Long Island] and Staten Island Railway) and a construction manager (MTA Capital Construction). The reorganization plan seeks to centralize a number of functions that all six subsidiaries share, such as construction management, legal work, procurement, human resources and marketing. The Metro Report article states that the governor and mayor, who developed the plan together, intend for the new organizational structure to be in place by June.