Could a car-free, Dutch-style city work in Colorado? - Curbed

Lovers of all things bike-related, a new city from scratch could be just for you: A Netherlands-based urban design firm has partnered with money blogger Pete Adeney to brainstorm a bike-friendly planned community in Colorado.

The proposed community would be located between Longmont and Boulder—about 30 minutes from Denver—and is currently known as Cyclocroft. According to Forbes, it’s the brainchild of Amsterdam-based B4place, a property development agency run by Americans Tara Ross and John Giusto.

Partner Pete Adeney is more commonly known as “Mr. Money Mustache,” and writer of a blog of the same name that proselytizes financial freedom through frugal living. Crucial to Adeney’s debt-free living is reduced car use, something he admires about European countries like The Netherlands.

While other planned communities like Sidewalk Lab’s smart city in Toronto have to manage the constraints of existing infrastructure, Adeney wants Cyclocroft to be built from scratch on a one-square-mile plot. Although currently a theoretical concept—or what B4place calls a “property experiment”—it will advocate “debt-free, light-weight living” for approximately 50,000 people.

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