Chicago Transit’s website redesign offers blueprint for improving rider experience - Mobility Lab

Transit users are an agency’s most valuable source of insight – especially when it comes to improving their website.

A website of a large public transportation provider has to serve many different uses at the same time. Customers typically use an agency’s website to plan trips, check arrival times, and get updates on planned work. Visitors typically need to get maps, figure out fares, and find their way around. Journalists, advocates, and policymakers need to keep up with capital plans, system improvements, and service quality for their constituents.

How can a transit agency’s website fulfill the needs of all users and reenergize their relationship with transit?

Engaging with each group gives an agency the ability to inform, drive, and optimize its services in ways that can continually energize their relationship with transit. Jennifer Pahlka, founder of Code for America, and former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer during the Obama Administration calls this delivery-driven government.

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