‘The Sunset Experience’ Adds Walkability to the Sunset Strip - Next City

A six-month pilot in West Hollywood will make the famed Sunset Strip a better place to walk, reports local news site WeHoVille.

For four blocks along Sunset Boulevard, the city will install seating, colorful light poles and painted sidewalk extensions to make crossing the street easier. It’s also building a parklet at 8818 Sunset Boulevard in front of indie bookstore Book Soup, where passersby can sit, enjoy shade, and pick up or drop off a book at a Little Free Library. Wayfinding posters will direct pedestrians toward food, drink and entertainment, as well as providing history of the area.

“The pop-ups will create spaces to welcome pedestrians, invite walking, encourage interaction and draw attention to Sunset as an exciting place for people, not just cars,” the city said in a statement.

West Hollywood is the most walkable city in California, according to Walkscore, but still can be an unsafe place for pedestrians. In 2013, there was an average of 4.4 vehicle collisions with pedestrians crossing the street, WeHoByTheNumbers calculated using city data. New signs and reflective markers installed in 2015 lowered collision numbers to around 2.5 per month. A PSA video released around the same time went viral for reminding pedestrians to get off their phones; the video featured drag queen William Belli dressed as Alice in Wonderland, dancing to a Taylor Swift parody… because West Hollywood.

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