Vast majority of scooters don’t block sidewalks, report finds - Mobility Lab

When people complain about dockless scooters, it’s often because the scooters are parked in the middle of the sidewalk. But a new study from the Mineta Transportation Institute found that scooters rarely block sidewalk access.

Researchers from Mineta and San Jose State University observed 530 scooters in downtown San Jose, California, in June and July 2018. They found that 90 percent of these scooters “did not disrupt pedestrian traffic.” These were mostly parked on the edge of sidewalks or next to street furniture, such as benches, planter boxes, garbage cans, or newspaper racks.

The remaining 10 percent didn’t entirely block foot traffic, either. And fewer than 2 percent of the scooters blocked sidewalk access for people using wheelchairs.

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