Lime’s electric bikes and scooters are going completely ‘carbon free’ - The Verge

Lime pledged on Tuesday to make its entire fleet of electric bikes and scooters completely “carbon free.” The San Francisco-based company said it will purchase renewable energy credits from new and existing projects to ensure all of its dock-free bikes and scooters are carbon neutral. It is part of a new sustainability effort the company is calling “Lime Green.”

While bikes and scooters are certainly greener alternatives to cars, there is growing attention being paid to the proliferation of alternative modes of transportation in cities across the globe. Most of the focus has been on ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft, but bike- and scooter-sharing companies also want to show they are making up for the electricity that is used to charge their devices. About 63 percent of electricity in the US is generated from fossil fuels, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Along with rival Bird, Lime is growing by leaps and bounds. The company operates in over 100 cities, including locations in Europe and (most recently) Mexico. It took 14 months in operation for Lime to hit a total of 11.5 million rides on its fleet of bikes and scooters. Less than a month later, that figure has grown to 13 million trips and counting.

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