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Join the Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC) at one of three free public events to learn about Bike Montco: The Bicycle Plan for Montgomery County. Bike Montco envisions the creation of a future on-road bicycle transportation network throughout Montgomery County. This planned future network and new policies in Bike Montco will work toward achieving improved bicycle access and mobility all across the county—a major goal of the county’s comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision.

Bike Montco is a new bicycle plan for Montgomery County, PA that provides a vision of a safe and efficient bicycle network for everyone. This vision will take time and effort. The results will be unique to Montgomery County and may differ from similar networks in major cities or other suburbs.

Bike Montco is driven by the need to expand the county’s bicycling network and is focused on physical improvements. It also focuses on issues of encouragement, education, and enforcement. Bike Montco is a bicycling plan and not a trail plan, so while it acknowledges the critical role of the county’s trails, it emphasizes upgrades to the on-road bicycle system.

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